Friday, August 21, 2009

Ripsticking in Spain: Puerta del Sol

Well, I came back from my trip to Europe on July 24th, and unfortunately, I did not get any Europeans to try the ripstick. :(

But you know what that means...

I have to go back to Europe! haha

Friday, July 24, 2009

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Ripsticking in Italy: Leaning Tower of Pisa

Tell me this isn't the most amazing picture you've ever seen!

Sorry to keep you waiting!

As you probably can guess, I've been way too busy having fun here in Europe! I have some really good ripsticking pictures and videos to show you. :)

I ripsticked in the extremely crowded streets of Pisa, Italy today.

Here's the video of me ripsticking up to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ripsticking in Athens: The Acropolis and Areopagus

It was a true honor to ripstick in front of the Acropolis, a tall hill displaying the Parthenon and other structures built in ancient times to honor the gods and to show the wealth and power of Athens.

The climb to the top of the Acropolis is slippery, dangerous and scorching hot. I made that journey with my ripstick in hand.

I got several puzzled looks from people, and I was worried that the employees would not let me take my ripstick with me to the Acropolis, but no one stopped me.

Once we were atop the Acropolis and entering into the Propylaea to get to the Parthenon, a Greek employee stopped me and asked what was in my hand.

I told him it was a ripstick, sort of like a skateboard.

He asked, "Did they not tell you to check that in and leave it at the closet before you came up to the Acropolis?"

I told him that no one had said anything to me. I began to worry he might make me turn around, and after I had done all that awful hiking!

However, he was really nice. He seemed like he was just curious about the ripstick. He said he had never seen one like it before. I told him it was a growing trend in the U.S.

He asked if I planned on ripsticking on the Acropolis. I said no because there is absolutely no way I could successfully ripstick on that rocky, slippery surface. He told me to just be careful.

After taking a few pictures of me and the ripstick in front of such historical monuments as the Parthenon and the Erechtheion, I headed back down the hill.

I then ripsticked in front of Areopagus, or Mars Hill. It is a large rock where St. Paul preached to the Athenians sometime in the middle of the 1st century A.D.

For some reason, there was a car driving around there, and it seemed as though the driver kept trying to hit me. Luckily, I survived.

I'm disappointed that no one has approached me to try the ripstick yet. But I still have hope.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ripsticking in Athens, Greece: Syntagma Square and National Gardens

Today I rode my ripstick in Europe for the first time!

I am in Athens, Greece with my mom and sister. We explored the city today, and I brought my ripstick along with me.

Here is what happened:

How to Bring Your Ripstick Onto a Flight as Carry-On

Because I've been traveling by airplane so much lately, I needed to solve the problem of how to bring my ripstick with me when I fly.

My dad figured out that you can easily disassemble the ripstick, making it smaller and easier to carry in a bag onto the plane.

That's how I flew with my ripstick to Chicago and Greece. Here's a video of me in Athens, Greece reassembling my ripstick.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ripsticking in Chicago: The Streets (and Flobama)

Ah, Chicago. The Windy City. The Heart of America. And now, one more place I've ripsticked.

Although the streets of Chicago were the busiest places I've ripsticked, very few people actually approached me about it. I got plenty of weird looks though.

Now there was one man who approached me who definitely stands out in my memory.

He called himself Flobama, although his friends who were with him confirmed that his name is actually Flo.

Flo saw me ripsticking down the street and started laughing hysterically. He came up to me to try to figure out what a ripstick is. I almost got him to try it, but he said he was too afraid he'd hurt himself.

Even if Flo didn't actually ride the ripstick, I'm still happy I introduced it to him. The conversation that ensued afterward was probably one of the most hilarious ones I had with any Chicagoan.

Flo welcomed my friends and I to Chicago with open arms (quite literally) and even rapped a little for us. He was amazed that we came all the way from Florida, and after he met us, he concluded, "Florida girls smell good!"

Thanks for the laughs, Flo. You truly made us and the ripstick feel very welcomed.

Here's some footage of me ripsticking in the busy sidewalks along the city streets. I also have some video of me ripsticking at Navy Pier and Millenium Park, but my friend has them on her camera. As soon as I get the footage from her, I'll upload it to the site.

So stay tuned because the Navy Pier and Millenium Park footage are probably the most beautiful yet!